Our Company. Our Values. Our Beliefs.

Aviary Naturals was launched out of a passionate commitment to the enjoyment and appreciation of birds and the healing, joy and delight they bring to our lives. For the past 20 years we have been designing, building and creating the magic of aviaries.

We have had the privilege and pleasure to create aviaries in private homes, apartments, palaces, day care centers, nursing homes and corporate offices. These aviaries have created beauty, song and delight for their owners, inspired school children, brought joy and healing to the sick and elderly and creativity, humor and fun to offices.

Aviary Natural’s services include design and construction, bird selection, bird nutrition and well care, aviary maintenance, grooming and seasonal redesign.

Our team comes from 33rd & Bird, formerly the largest bird store in New York. Pierre Brooks the owner of 33rd & Bird also known as the “Birdman” is a world renowned bird specialist in avian nutrition and well care, a consultant to zoos, private bird collectors, a bird handler for film and television and an aviary architect.

Lisa Lopez, our lead designer creates environments that are naturalistic and suited to the types of birds that inhabit them. As our clients have stated, her work is “heavenly”, “joyful”, “beautiful”, “tranquil” and “serene”…

Dave Simmons, our architect and construction manager,  is a graduate of New Jersey Institute of Technology. He is a civil engineer with a passion for birds, nature and aviary design. He offers extensive drafting services, conceptual and definitive estimating for our various construction projects.